Vaping is not only the overwhelmingly safer alternative to cigarettes, it's a way to quit nicotine gradually, a treat sans the calories, the end of second-hand smoke, and much more. But vaping can also have its hidden (or more obvious) traps which will tell you how to circumvent!

Here is our list of what you should avoid when vaping!

1. Shaming new vapers

Let's start here the vaping community is wonderful! From advice on devices and e-liquids to supportive words and stories when people are considering making the switch from smoking to vape, its truly beneficial to be a part of it!

You too have a responsibility to be just as welcoming and patient with new vapers. Don't device shame and don't push your agenda. Educate and empower people who are thinking about or have just made the switch to vaping!



Shame on the shamers!

2. Vapers tongue

Before you jump off your chair to stare at yourself in the mirror its nothing visible! As a matter of fact its nothing scary either. Vapers tongue is the name for what happens when you vape the same flavour for too long and as a result temporarily lose your ability to taste that particular flavour. You might think your vape juice has gone bad (it hasnt) or youll never again enjoy your favourite ADV (now thats quite dramatic of you) but this is not going to last forever.

Try sniffing coffee beans, drink some water or take a short break from your favourite e-liquid to explore what else is out there. It wont be long until you can go back to your dearest flavour and all is but a distant memory.



Annoying but a reason to branch out and try something new.

3. Dry hits

You dont know what a dry hit is? Lucky you! Its not that bad but its also not getting its own How to article anytime soon.

A dry hit occurs when the cotton (or other wicking material) in your vape is not saturated with e-liquid. Maybe its a result of a wicking issue, a coil being ran at too high of a wattage (or in need of being changed) or simply having an empty tank.

So how will you know youve experienced a dry hit? Ever had mouthful that tasted bad and your throat felt irritated? Yup, it was a dry hit.



Not fun!

4. Flavour ghosts

There are many vapers who enjoy making their own e-liquids but intention is one thing and a flavour ghost is quite the opposite.

A flavour ghost occurs when you havent cleaned your thank as good as you thought you had. Youre left with some of the previous liquid you were vaping mixed in with the new one. Hey, you might be pleasantly surprised! On the other hand it might teach you to clean your tank even better. Win-win, right?

If you wan to make sure happy accidents dont occur take your tank apart and give it a good scrubbing with soapy water, remembering to rinse very well after. If youre still experiencing the unintended flavour duet, consider changing your coils.




Easily avoided.

5. Too much nicotine

If youre new to vaping it might be hard to figure out how much nicotine you need. Our WHAT IS THE RIGHT NICOTINE STRENGTH AND TYPE FOR YOU? post is here to help so check it out if you need to.

Overdoing the nicotine can lead to nicotine sickness. It feels worse than any hangover youve ever experienced and is completely unnecessary!

Our shortfills are perfect for figuring our how much nicotine you prefer. Remember, its always better to start with less and add more if you choose you want to do so.




Its a definite skip from us!

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