It’s not quite as straightforward as it is with food. Vape liquids don’t usually have regulated expiration dates. There is a general consensus that most vape juices last between 1 and 2 years. All this will, however, depend on the base, nicotine content and flavouring chemicals.

To keep your favourite e-liquids for longer, make sure you are storing them properly.

How to Store Your E-Juice Properly?

Storing vape juice is pretty easy. Just find a dark, cool spot, away from any direct sunlight. A cupboard should do the job perfectly. A fridge is also a good option for storing your e-liquids if you are reaching for them often.

Don’t forget to ensure the bottle is tightly shut!

If you are looking to store vape liquids for a longer period we recommend you try the freezer.

Just remember to plan ahead and give it time to warm up before using it.

Our black bottles give you a hand in keeping the light out of your favourite King Kong Vape Juice flavours.

Why does my vape juice lose flavor?

One reason your juice might have lost flavour is you haven’t followed our tips above and haven’t been storing your e-liquid properly. Well, at least you know what to do from now on. Grab yourself another delicious bottle!

Another reason might be you have grown accustomed to one particular flavour. This is commonly referred to as “vapers tongues”. The perfume department at the mall knows this customer pain all to well. Their solution? Coffee beans! If you start noticing flavour loss, grab some coffee beans and take a big whiff or two!

Make sure to also stay hydrated! Vapour absorbs moisture and that forms a thin film inside your mouth. That film gets in the way of the tongue when identifying flavours.

We know you probably have that one flavour you are reaching for all the time! Most of us are like that! The downside, however, is that you senses get accustomed. The flavour to which your senses get accustomed, become dull the more you vape your fave.

Switch it up and try something new! We have 5 mouthwatering flavours for you to enjoy, you don’t have to pick just one!

Is it bad if your vape juice changes colour?

In short – no.

If your vape juice contains nicotine then oxidation may occur. Nicotine is a highly reactive chemical and exposing it to light or oxygen can make it turn a brown colour.

This doesn’t mean your e-liquids have gone bad. Some people actually encourage oxidation by leaving their vape liquids to “breathe”. That is said to help flavours become more powerful and even tastier. Other ways to achieve these results are by shaking or heating your juices.

How do you know if vape juice is bad?

If you’ve had your e-liquids for over a year go through our list below and ask yourself the following questions.


Is it past its best before date? If yes, bin it!


Has it been open for over 2 years? If yes, bin it!


Does it smell strange or very different from when you first opened it? If yes, bin it!


Are the ingredients appearing separated even after shaking? If yes, bin it!


Is there an unpleasant hit even though your kit is clean and your coil is new? If yes, bin it!

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