The research has been done and the results are in. Vaping has helped many quit smoking for good.
Even the NHS stands behind vaping as the most successful Nicotine Replacement Therapy available out there.
If you are thinking of quitting smoking but haven’t yet tried achieving this with the help of vaping, we want to show you just a few of the many success stories people have chosen to share.
Here are some reasons you might want to try vaping and make the switch away from combustion cigarettes.

Because nothing else has helped.

“I was a pack a day smoker for 23 years. I used patches and gums once on a 16-hour flight and didn´t find it satisfying, albeit using them simultaneously. So, at one point, I tried quitting with the cold turkey method, which didn´t work, so I thought to myself: I´m never going to accomplish this. Since then, I didn´t even want to quit. On Christmas 2015, my wife gifted me my first e-cigarette. I started dual using until February 21st, 2016, when I noticed that I hadn´t smoked a cigarette in two weeks. Immediately lighting one, realizing it tasted awful, and never smoked again. Since then, my health has greatly improved, running long distances isn´t a problem for me anymore. I don´t smell like an ashtray, and also, the fear of cancer is diminished.”
“I tried smoking first when I was twelve years old, and within four years I was smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day. I continued smoking till I was thirty-three. I tried quitting multiple times. I have tried quitting cold turkey, and I used nicotine patches. I had never stopped for more than three months. I always went back to smoking cigarettes. October 2017, I tried vaping, and have never looked back. It was very important for me to not vape tobacco flavours. I wanted to distance myself from things that reminded me of smoking. I never thought I would quit smoking. I thought I would always go back. Vaping has helped me so much.”

For your health.

“Vaping and flavours saved me from heart problems and lungs issues from smoking I can breathe and sleep better and have more energy.”
“I started smoking cigarettes in junior high school (7th grade)! I smoked for years & eventually began having trouble breathing, having no energy, coughing up phlegm, & had to get prescriptions for inhaler's & breathing treatments. This was in my mid 20's. I tried quitting many times cold turkey, nicotine patches, lozenges, gum's & absolutely none of them worked in the very least tiny little bit NOT AT ALL. At that point I felt defeated & began thinking " Well this is it; I can't quit smoking & I am probably gonna die one day from cancer or COPD" & that was a very scary realization! Then one day in 2015 I started a new job & on a lunch break someone was vaping & I began talking to this person, asking questions like "what is that stuff, what does it taste like, & does it work". That day after work I was so hopeful because of what I learned of that person's experience with vaping & I wanted that for myself! I went straight to the nearest vape shop & bought a vaping device with some 24mg Blueberry custard flavoured e-liquid & I HAVE NOT SMOKED A SINGLE CIGARETTE SINCE THAT DAY. VAPING HAS ABSOLUTELY SAVED MY LIFE! There is no doubt in my mind that vaping work's, it has for me when NOTHING ELSE DID!!!!!”
William Bamberger

To finally kick a bad habit.

“I smoked cigarettes for 26 years. Started when I was 16. And the constant increase in prices didn't prevent me from smoking as a minor. Started vaping in August of 2020. I continued smoking and vaping until February of 2021 when I gave up cigarettes and have been combustion free since then. I tried quitting smoking cold turkey but that only lasted a couple months. The sensation of inhaling and the exhale was just as addictive as the chemicals in combustible cigarettes to me, so vaping has filled that part of what kept me smoking. I started vaping fruity flavours and have recently been vaping desserts and bakery flavours. I don't vape a lot of tobacco flavours. If I want to taste tobacco, then I would continue to smoke tobacco!!”
Saved by Vaping
“So, I was a 15 year smoker who started smoking at the age of 15. There were many times where I tried to quit in that time, I tried using the gums, patches, and even prescriptions none worked for me. I then in 2018 decided to try to quit again this time using vapor products and I haven't touched a cigarette since. The flavours allow me to not lose interest or get tired of the same thing over and over. Without having the option of having the flavours I do not think I would have been able to stick with it. I do believe that every adult should have vaping as an option to smoking cessation and not having that would be a great injustice to the American Health Care System.”
Brett C.

For your family and loved ones.

“I have been vaping for about 5 years. started out smoking and vaping and finally made the switch over to vaping only 3 years ago. it has been beneficial to myself and all those around me who care about me. feel much healthier and there no gross smell for anyone to complain about. I can’t imagine how vaping can be so villainized for 'what ifs' and unknowns about long term effects, when the harm that cigarettes can do have been known for decades yet it doesn’t get the bad press and outright bans that vaping does.”
“If e-cigs and e-liquids are banned I will definitely have to start smoking cigarettes/fags. E-cigs have totally helped me quite fags/cigarettes. I feel a definite health benefit since I have been using E-cigs even though I have only been using E-cigs for the last month or so. To many of my family and friends have passed away from smoking cigarettes and now I'm getting older I feel the need to stop using cigarettes. I have tried very hard over the years to stop using chewing gum and patches, but I have always gone back to cigarettes. But thanks to E-cigs I'm doing very well, and my health has definitely improved E-cigs have helped thousands of people to quite cigarettes. It's definitely the way to help people all around the world to live longer for their loved ones and their self's. Every cigarette I don't have I live for an extra 5 minutes and that's just one life.”

Read more success stories by going to the CASAA testimonials page and get inspired to quit smoking with the help of vaping.
You have the right to a NRT that allows you to lead a healthier life, use it.


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