Rampage by King Kong Vape Juice is a premium e-liquid that is here to bring the deliciously sweet and toasty flavour of fluffy marshmallows and crumbly, buttery biscuits into your life. Only the finest ingredients from across the world are used to deliver this instant classic from the King King Vape Juice dessert range.

On inhale, you will taste delectably sweet marshmallow and a fresh, flaky biscuit followed by a hint of rich and creamy chocolate on the exhale.

These flavours are carefully crafted by King Kong Vape Juice to create the perfect s’mores experience and deliver it to you without any comprise on quality or yumminess.

King Kong Vape Juice is recognized for its impressive dessert e-juices. Rampage is one of the most beloved flavours in a truly spectacular line-up of American-inspired treats like Apple Pie and Blueberry Pancakes.

Enjoy the brand-new bottles that are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite chubby design.
This multi-award winning brand has taken the time to learn what you like and how to best deliver it to you, and now they are here in a big way! The King Kong Vape Juice team likes to treat their friends so don’t be surprised by the extra goodies you find with your order, but rather get used to it!

Extra love aside, the main attraction in your parcel is without a doubt the impeccably formulated juice. The 50ml shortfill bottle is ideal for both no-nicotine vapers and previous smokers, who want to control the nicotine strength to tailor their own preferences and smoking habits. Inside you’ll find nothing but smooth perfection and an exquisite, cloudy experience.

If you are after a high-quality dessert e-liquid this is the one for you. The King Kong Vape Juice Campfire S’mores is just as scrumptious as the real thing.

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15 reviews for RAMPAGE Campfire S’mores

  1. Gav

    Everyone told me how good this was and they weren’t wrong.. amazing!

  2. Stuart S

    If you love marshmallow and biscuit tastes, then this is the one for you.

  3. Themagnificentcooper

    I really wnjoy this flavour. Probably the nicest marshmallow eliquid I’ve tried!

  4. Gillian M

    There’s no question over why this flavour has won multiple awards! A deliciously blended mix of marshmallow & biscuit & chocolate that will always have you wanting more! One of my absolute favourites!

  5. Simon V

    Ah memories of toasting marshmallows over a campfire….just shut your eyes, taste this juice and you are back there, gorgeous sweet mallow goo with that just toasted taste – sublime

  6. Jamie

    This flavour is amazing! Very delicious juice!💯🔥

  7. Mick

    First time I’ve tried this & Loved it will definitely get more

  8. Mike_Ohman

    Nostalgia in a bottle, takes me back to the scouts days camping. Lovely all day Vape.

  9. princess

    WOW fab job guys

  10. Lucie

    Now this one is unique but excellent. Highly recommended this for dessert lovers

  11. Tr1pz

    Incredible taste and perfect all day vape!

  12. VapeApe

    Wow! Personal Favourite. Amazing quality and smoke is great. Great job guys!

  13. Mandy

    My new fav juice.

  14. Vaping360

    Taste like the real thing.

  15. Si

    Fantastic Juices!!!

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