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Apple Pie

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Titano is a premium e-liquid by the dessert-flavour experts – King Kong Vape Juice. This Apple Pie e-juice takes on a popular classic and does it justice by demonstrating an impeccable formulation using only the finest ingredients out there. You’ll enjoy the crisp and juicy apples, powdered with fragrant cinnamon, and baked to perfection, topped with a thin layer of buttery pastry crust.

On inhale you will taste the fresh sweetness of the baked fruits along with a subtle hint of cinnamon spiciness, followed by an exhale of the delicate but rich, flaky pie crust.

The flavours work delightfully well together to allow you to truly immerse yourself in a beautiful Apple Pie experience.

But the King Kong Vape Juice team knows not only how to create a premium e-liquid - they’re also pros at presenting it accordingly. Their newly re-imagined packaging is a charming read on the traditional approach, giving the vape world some appreciated innovation. The new chubby silhouette and vibrant pops of colour are simply delightful.

You can also count on King Kong Vape Juice to go the extra mile. From regular giveaways and discounts to thoughtful gifts they include in each package, the premium vape liquid brand loves to treat their customers with more than their superb quality products.

If you are after a delicious e-liquid and excellent customer service, you’ll love this multi-award winning company.
Reach specifically for Titano Apple Pie to enjoy a classic dessert executed to perfection. Enjoy the juiciest apples and delightfully buttery crust, lovingly baked and sprinkled with a dash of aromatic cinnamon.


11 reviews for TITANO Apple Pie

  1. Gav

    An amazing apple pastry desert

  2. Stuart S

    My favourite from the range, have tried so many apple pie liquids and they have dissapointed. Titano on the other hand hits every single note of flavour expertly. This is a dessert lovers paradise flavour.

  3. Themagnificentcooper

    A nice apple pie flavour. The fruit is slightly stronger than the pastry. I think a hint of cinnamon would take this flavour to the next level, but very nice as it is.

  4. Gillian M

    Authentic apple pie taste! Not overly sweet and a delightful all day vape!

  5. Simon V

    I am a HUGE fan of dessert flavour juice and LOVE Apple Pie – I have been so disappointed before with juice that tastes like ‘plastic apple’ – this one though is the real deal, true fresh, tart apple flavour offset with scrumptious sweet pastry – pass the custard please!

  6. Jamie

    This is an incredible Apple pie🔥🔥🔥 very very tasty!

  7. Mark perkins

    No room for desert?? Just grab your favourite setup and a bottle of this, desert without the calories, what more could you want. Amazing flavour, definitely a must!

  8. princess

    Absolutely delicious, just the perfect amount of cinnamon

  9. Lucie

    Ok again not my first choice but.. but yes excellent flavour from this one, tastes just like it says

  10. Tr1pz

    Deliciously delicious juice!

  11. Tom Broad

    Seen you ad in the vaperound and the vapour mag. Had to try these juices and this is the best one. Tongue twisting.

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