If you are new to vaping sometimes it may seem that the community has its own language. Some things are easier to figure out than others. Let’s play a game, guess now what an All Day Vape is, and see below if you’ve got it right!

While there are many more, we could have included in this list we think here you’ll find the top 10 most used words that as a novice vaper, you might not know yet.


Cloud chaser

These days, especially with the popularity of box mods, there is a slew of reasons you might want to step up your game. This is where cloud chasing comes in.
Cloud chasers are vapers who aim to adjust their gear so that it produces the most amount of vapour. It’s all about big drags and vapour that go a great distance.



Simply put e-cigs are electric cigarettes. They are electric because unlike combustion cigarettes, they use battery-heated air to vapourize an e-liquid. More often than not they resemble cigarettes in appearance.



Coils are the part of your atomizer. Although they are known as coils, technically they are atomizer heads. Coils (atomizer heads) are responsible for heating up the e-liquid in your e-cig and turning it into vapour. They connect the positive to the negative part of the battery in a spiral shape.


ADV or All Day Vape

You’ve probably guessed it! It’s a vape you can enjoy all day. That means the nicotine strength and flavour are in no way overpowering or uncomfortable for you.
ADV in no way refers to how long the vape liquid or device will last you.
Your favourite e-liquid that you reach for throughout the day is your ADV. Ours is probably Titano Apple Pie. Or Gorilla Blueberry Pancakes. And Kikonga Key Lime Pie. Not to forget Bamboo Cola Float. Oh, and definitely Rampage Campfire S’mores.



A draw is basically the inhale you take from your electronic cigarette. Nothing complicated about it!


E-Juice = E-liquid

This is the solution that is vapourized in the tank of your e-cig. We have a very comprehensive article about e-juices that will brief you what they are made of. Check it out!



Flooding happens when too much e-liquid is put into the atomizer. You’ll know that there’s flooding when you hear a bubbling sound, and your atomizer isn’t performing quite as expected.


Nic Juice

Nicotine juice, also called nicotine liquid (nic is short for nicotine) is the addictive substance found in tobacco. Vaping nicotine isn’t the same as smoking nicotine and if you would like some more information on that check out our VAPING NICOTINE VS SMOKING NICOTINE article to learn more about the differences.



Leaking happens when e-juice escapes the bottom of your clearomizer/atomizer/cartomizer and finds its way into the battery of your device. In some cases, this can cause a shortage so beware.



Mod is short for modification.
In the beginning, it was used when a flashlight or battery was modified to be used in vaping. Today it’s mostly used to refer to any vaping device that isn’t a typical e-cig.

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