Maybe you're new to vaping, maybe you never wondered much about vape juice until now. Whatever the reason you're here, we're confident we have something for you! Here are the answers to some of the web's most frequently asked questions about e-liquids.

What is the difference between vape juice and e-liquid?


E-liquid. e-juice, vape juice, vape liquid or even pod juice. Truth is, in all cases you are referring to the same thing. While e-liquid might be considered the official name, you'll find all the above used interchangeably.

Use whichever you like best and rest assured youre always talking about the fluid that fuels a vaping accessory.

Have you heard any other names for vape juice? Let us know by dropping us a comment below!

What should you avoid in e-juice?


Most e-liquids share a few common ingredients. You can read more about them in our WHAT IS IN VAPE JUICE? post where go more in-depth about VG, PG, what they mean, and more.

Safe ingredients aside let's break down what you should look out for.

Diacetyl is the most popularly avoided ingredient when it comes to vape liquids.

You have probably heard of popcorn lung? Bronchiolitis, also popularly known as popcorn lung, is a common lung infection in young children and infants. It causes inflammation and congestion in the small airways (bronchioles) of the lung. It is almost always caused by a virus. It was however made more famous as popcorn lung after workers who had worked in a popcorn factory contracted bronchiolitis after inhaling high amounts of diacetyl for a long period of time. In that instance, diacetyl was used to achieve the buttery flavour we reach to microwave popcorn for.

Although numerous tests have been made which have revealed that even vapers that vape daily or even constantly, will not be exposed to nearly the same amount of diacetyl as the workers in the popcorn factory, it is still a harmful substance. In any case, our advice is to avoid diacetyl and be conscious of the potential health implications associated with it.

What does mg mean in e-liquid?


The mg youll find on many vape liquid packaging stands for milligrams. It is used to mark the nicotine strength of the particular e-liquid. Some may opt to use percentages to display the nicotine strength, but often times you will stumble across the mg system.

Nicotine strength is an important part of choosing your vape juice and we have already written a fire post on WHAT IS THE RIGHT NICOTINE STRENGTH AND TYPE FOR YOU? which you should absolutely check out, no matter how long youve been vaping for.

King Kong Vape Juice e-liquids are 0mg, meaning they don't contain any nicotine. That makes them a great option for every kind of vaper, as you can add your own nicotine and control your intake. Thats especially helpful when youre looking to quit nicotine and want to make the shift gradually. That way you can add a little less nicotine over time until one day you quit nicotine altogether!

How do you get the liquid out of a vape pod?


Let's wrap it up with a commonly asked device question.

If youre trying a new vape juice you won't necessarily want to experiment and mix it with the last one youve been vaping. Unless, you are in the mood for mixing your own liquids which you can absolutely do, and yes, we have an awesome post on that too check out our masterpiece called CAN YOU MIX E-LIQUIDS?

So how can you avoid discovering a new flavour that nobody asked for? Easy! Just empty the tank (if you havent finished it already) and run it under water, until it's clean. Then let it air dry. Drying it with a towel is likely to get dust in there and perhaps even some lint which you definitely dont want in your tank. If you must, use a paper towel instead.

And there you go! Now you're more knowledgeable than you were 5 minutes ago! Go and share your expertise far and wide but remember to come back again for some more vape wisdom!

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