What is Vapril and why is it important?

VApril has one mission – to help people quit smoking by giving introducing them to vaping. We hope you already know but we’ll gladly say it again, vaping has been proven to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking (according to Public Health England) and this finding is supported by the NHS.
VApril seeks to educate and help reluctant smokers to try a different approach (and a far more successful one at that) to quitting the ultimate bad habit that is smoking.
In the UK alone there are over 7.5 million smokers that could benefit from this campaign and learn more about the much safer alternative to smoking. So what is there to learn? Let us give you some more information!

When was VApril first launched?

VApril was launched in 2018 “to raise awareness amongst smokers in the UK that vaping is one of most effective and enjoyable ways of quitting smoking.”, says John Dune, UKVIA board member.
For the fourth year in a row, the month-long campaign helps smokers kick the habit for good through education and support.

How does VApril helps you switch to e-cigarettes?

Misinformation is a big issue when it comes to e-cigarettes and comparing smoking to vaping. Many people believe that vaping nicotine is the same as smoking nicotine and are reluctant to give vaping a go.
VApril aims to promote the facts not the media spin on them.

On the official VApril page you’ll also find access to expert advice, locating a vape store near you (where you can pop in and speak to experienced professionals who can tell you more about how vaping may be the right switch to make), and lots of helpful materials.
The King Kong Vape Juice team also believes in educating and giving people a safer alternative to smoking. If you are considering making the switch to vaping or you are curious about learning more, you may want to check out our articles on 5 REASONS VAPING IS BETTER THAN SMOKING and VAPING NICOTINE VS SMOKING NICOTINE to start.

What can you do beyond VApril?

The vaping community is an incredibly open one and you’ll find yourself welcomed wherever and whoever you turn to. We do recommend you seeking professional advice and turning to your local vape shop first.
You can use sources like VApril’s and NHS’s official guides, as well as of course join forums or Facebook groups where more experienced vapers can help you take the first steps when making the switch.
You can always reach out to us too! The King Kong Vape Juice team is 100% committed to helping you stop smoking by educating people and producing premium quality e-liquids.
Let us know how VApril has influenced you and what steps you’ll be taking going forward!

Take the time to stay up to date on Worldwide Regulations. Here is an awesome article that can help you in your quest for knowledge!

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