There is a lot of misconception when it comes to vaping and e-liquids.

In the next few minutes, we hope to give you a clear understanding of what e-liquids are made of.

Let’s start with the label

It is the law in the EU that all ingredients have to be listed on the label.

That being said, it’s not always easy to read the label. Most of what is on there are chemical names but that shouldn’t scare you. The most common ingredients in e-liquids are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavourings and nicotine.

Vegetable glycerin

The other name for vegetable glycerin is glycerol. It can also be referred to as VG for short.

Vegetable glycerin is naturally found in some living organisms and has a sweet taste.
It is used in many industries from food to medical and beauty.

In vape juice, vegetable glycerin serves as a base. It is also responsible for producing the vapour.

Your vape juice will either have vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol in its ingredients list.

Propylene glycol

Just like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol is a vape juice base. It has lower density and isn’t sweet like vegetable glycerin.
Propylene glycol, or PG for short, is used to absorb extra water and maintain moisture in certain medicines, cosmetics, or food products.

Just like VG it is recognized as safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). PG also makes asthma inhalers work. In vaping, propylene glycol is used to deliver the vape juice flavourings.


The flavouring used in vape liquids are food-grade, meaning they are FDA approved.

Nowadays, you can find everything from cheese-flavour liquids to garlic or even tuna. We fancy ourselves blueberry pancakes more often than we do wasabi (yes, actually exist as an e-juice) and we encourage you to try our mouthwatering dessert range if you haven’t already!


Not all vape juices have nicotine.
King Kong Vape Juice for example is nicotine free. We choose to give you the option to add nicotine if you choose to by giving you a free nicotine salt shot with every purchase. That way you can also control the exact amount of nicotine you want present in your juice.
To find out more about nicotine strength and how to know what is right for you read our dedicated article by clicking HERE.

If you don’t have a nicotine addiction but enjoy vaping, no nicotine e-juice is perfect for you.

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